100 Level Courses

Spring 2021 Instructional Strategies

The Department of Mathematics is committed to high quality instruction. We will provide instruction safely and responsibly. In particular, we will follow official guidelines with regard to Covid-19. Consequently, there will be a mix of modes for delivering the curriculum, some of which are entirely online and others which will include a range of in-person opportunities. The Department has experience with these teaching modes. Department members have successfully taught a variety of online classes for years. Instructors will communicate detailed information about individual courses to students through a combination of email, Canvas, and other updates. 

Some of our initiatives have been featured in an article that appeared in UKNow, see https://uknow.uky.edu/student-and-academic-life/not-book-chemistry-math-gateway-instructors-adapt-hybrid-interactive

  • Course Web Pages
    • MA 109 (College Algebra)
    • MA 111 (Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics)
    • MA 113 (Calculus I)
    • MA 114 (Calculus II)
    • MA 123 (Elementary Calculus) 
    • MA 137 (Calculus I for the Life Sciences)
    • MA 138 (Calculus II for the Life Sciences)
    • MA 162  (Finite Math)
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