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Mathematics Faculty Research / Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

James BrennanProfessor (Potential Theory and Complex Analysis), Ph.D., Brown University, 1968
Francis ChungAssociate Professor (Inverse Problems, Mathematical Physics, Partial Differential Equations, Harmonic Analysis), Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012
Peter HislopProfessor (Mathematical Physics and Geometric Analysis), Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 1984
Peter PerryProfessor (Mathematical Physics, Geometric Analysis, Dispersive Nonlinear PDE), Ph.D., Princeton University, 1981
Zhongwei ShenProfessor (Partial Differential Equations, Harmonic Analysis, and Mathematical Physics), Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1989
Mihai TohaneanuAssociate Professor (Analysis and Partial Differential Equations), Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley, 2009
Current Ph.D Students
Nicholas Arsenault (Tohaneanu)
Chase Ashby (Hislop)
Jonathan Benoit (Hislop)
Samir Donmazov (Perry)
Kyle Hammer (Hislop)
Faith Hensley (Chung)
Robert Righi (Shen)
Jamison Wallace (Shen)
Emeritus Faculty
Russell BrownHarmonic Analysis, Inverse Problems, Partial Differential Equations
Richard CareyFunctional Analysis
Ray CoxAnalysis
Ronald GariepyPartial Differential Equations
Lawrence HarrisFunctional Analysis, Infinite-Dimensional Holomorphy, Polynomials
John LewisPartial Differential Equations
Ted SuffridgeComplex Analysis

Sad News

Emeritus Professor James Wells passed away on 14 March 2023. Wells retired from the Department in 2004. His obituary describes some of his many contributions to the University of Kentucky Department of Mathematics.

Analysis and Partial Differential Equations Seminar

Tuesdays at 11:00 A.M.; Coordinator: Mihai Tohaneanu 

Schedules from past semesters:  Fall 2023 | Spring 2023 | Fall 2022

Ohio River Analysis Meeting (ORAM)

The Ohio River Analysis Meeting is an annual meeting sponsored by the University of Kentucky and the University of Cincinnati. Each meeting brings leading experts in analysis to the region and also provides an opportunity for students and recent graduates to present their work. The 13th edition of this conference is scheduled for 16-17 March 2024 at the University of Cincinnati. Information about the series can be found at list of ORAM conference websites at the University of Cincinnati.

Ph.D. Dissertations Since 1989