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Explore Mathematics

The mathematics major (MATH) offers two degrees, BA and BS in Mathematics, each with two options:

  • Option A-- Mathematics, which is a general degree for students interested in teaching or in continuing with a graduate education and
  • Option B-- Mathematical Sciences, which is more focused on applied mathematics.

Career opportunities for Mathematics majors are numerous and varied.  Employers value Mathematics majors for their high critical thinking and problem solving skills. These are some of the possible career paths:

  • K-12 Teachers
  • Graduate studies and academia
  • Actuaries
  • Data and financial analysts
  • Logistics
  • Operations research analysts
  • Cryptoanalysts
  • Statisticians

The following links provide a detailed description of the program including the various opportunities for engament (Math Club) and undergraduate research (UK Math Lab and REUs):

       Undergraduate Program Overview

       Math Club

       UK Math Lab

       4-year plan


       Education Abroad

       Undergraduate Research

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