Applied and Computational Mathematics


Applied and Computational Mathematics Faculty
Adib Bagh, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Econ), UC-Davis, 2008; Ph.D. (Math), UC-Davis, 1994, Mathematical Economics, Game Theory, Optimization.
David Murrugarra, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Virginia Tech. 2012, Mathematical Biology.
Jing Qin, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University, 2013, Optimization, Image Processing.
Qiang Ye, Professor, Ph.D., University of Calgary, 1989, Numerical analysis, Machine learning.


Emeritus Faculty
Thomas Hayden, Numerical Analysis, Applied Math
Chi-Sing Man, Mathematics of Material Science
Robert Molzon, Mathematical Economics.
James Wells, Numerical Analysis, Applied Math

Current Doctoral Students

  • Kyle Helfrich (Ye)
  • Gayan Maduranga (Ye)

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  • MA 522 - Matrix Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra I.
  • MA 537 - Numerical Analysis.
  • MA 622 - Matrix Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra II.
  • MA 625 - Numerical Methods for Differential Equations.

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  • Thur. at 11:00 am 745 POT.
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