Math Syllabi from Previous Semesters


Department of Mathematics List of Courses

To access the University of Kentucky Department of Mathematics's syllabi from previous semesters, please choose a course from the list below.


Department of Mathematics previous Course Syllabi

MA- 109 College Algebra (top)
MA- 110 Precalculus (top)
MA- 111 Intro to Contemporary Math (top)
MA- 113 Calculus I (top)
MA- 114 Calculus II (top)
MA- 123 Elementary Calculus (top)
MA- 132 Calculus for Biology (top)
MA- 137 Calculus I for Life Sciences (top)
MA- 138 Calculus II for Life Sciences (top)
MA- 139 Calculus II for Life Sciences (top)
MA- 162 Finite Math (top)

MA- 194 Calculus II Recitation

MA- 201 Math for Elementary Teachers (top)
MA- 202 Math for Elementary Teachers (top)
MA- 213 Calculus (top)
MA- 214 Calculus II (top)
MA- 241 Geometry For Middle School Teachers (top)
MA- 261 Number Theory (top)
MA- 308 Problem Solving for Middle School Teachers (top)
MA- 310 Elementary Problem Solving for Teachers (top)
MA- 320 Intro to Probability (top)
MA- 321 Intro to Numerical Method (top)
MA- 322 Matrix Algebra (top)

MA- 327 Introduction to Game Theory (top)

MA- 330 History of Math (top)

MA- 337 Math Modeling for Life Sciences  (top)
MA- 340 Applicable Algebra (top)
MA- 341 Topics in Geometry (top)
MA- 351 Elementary Topology (top)
MA- 361 Elementary Modern Algebra (top)
MA- 362 Abstract Algebra (top)
MA- 375 Communicating Math (top)
MA- 391 Math Composition and Communication (top)
MA- 398 Combinatorics Ind. Study (top)
MA- 399 Independent Work in Math (top)
MA- 416 Operations Research (top)
MA- 417 Operations Research II (top)
MA- 418 Differential Equations (top)
MA- 433 Complex Variables and Applications (top)
MA- 471 Advanced Calculus (top)
MA- 472 Advanced Calculus II (top)
MA- 481 Differential Equations (top)
MA- 483 Intro to Partial Differential Equations (top)
MA- 506, 507 Mathematical Methods of Physics (top)
MA- 514 Combinatorial Structures and Techniques (top)
MA- 515 Linear and Combinatorial Optimization (top)

MA- 522 Matrix Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra 

MA- 522 Matrix Theory and Numerical Linear Algebra  (top)

MA- 527 Continuum Mechanics (top)
MA- 533 Partial Differential Equations (top)
MA- 537 Numerical Analysis (top)
MA- 561 Algebra I (top)
MA- 565 Linear Algebra (top)
MA- 575 Principles of Analysis (top)
MA- 601 Teaching College Mathematics (top)
MA- 611 Independent Work in Math (top)
MA- 614 Enumerative Combinatorics (top)
MA- 622 Matrix Theory & Numerical Linear Algebra II (top)
MA- 633 Partial Differential Equations II (top)
MA- 641 Differential Geometry (top)
MA- 651 Topology II (top)
MA- 654 Algebraic Topology (top)
MA- 661 Algebra II (top)
MA- 671, 672 Complex Analysis (top)
MA- 676 Real Analysis I (top)
MA- 721 Selected Topics in Numerical Analysis (top)
MA- 751, 752 Topics in Topology (top)
MA- 757 Topics in Topology II (top)
MA- 764 Selected Topics in Algebra (top)
MA- 765 Selected Topics in Algebra (top)
MA- 773 Topics in Analysis (top)
MA- 777 Topics in Mathematical Biology (top)




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