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Registration for Math Courses


Are you having trouble registering for a math course?

Contact Information

If you have questions about registration for math courses, you can email:

  • For 100- or 200-level classes, email the Director of Service Courses, Dr. erica j. Whitaker
  • For 300- or 400-level classes, or any questions about transfer credit, email the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Alberto Corso,

If you need permissions for your course (capacity override, prerequisite override or others), you can do one of the following:

  • Fill out the override request form Please watch your official UK email for the response as we may have questions.
  • Attend the Math Department Registration Zoom Office Hours on Friday August 18 or Friday August 25 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Email Rejeana Cassady,, for the Zoom link.
  • Email the Director of Service Courses and/or the Director of Undergraduate Studies (see above).

In particular, here are some of the issues we can help with:

Prerequisite Issues

This link has information about math placement at the University of Kentucky:

If your situation isn’t covered in the placement list, such as placement exams not listed, you should ask about a prerequisite override. If you specifically have questions about transfer credit, you should email the Director of Undergraduate Studies (see above). If you don’t meet the prerequisites yet for the course you want to take, we often recommend you take the ALEKS placement exam. Information about this exam is here:

Capacity issues

Is the class full? We recommend you continue checking for a seat, as many people will change their schedule before classes begin, so it is very likely something will open up. If waiting is not an option, you may need a capacity override.

Repeating a course for the third time

According to University Senate Rule 4.3.3, a department may refuse a third attempt to register for a course. The Department of Mathematics has chosen to enforce this rule on the third registration in MA 109, 110, 113, 114, and 137. To request permission for third registration in these courses, a student should submit a request through our override form at  and do one of the following:

  1. Submit evidence that they had previously been granted a withdrawal for urgent non-academic reasons, OR
  2. Submit evidence that they have a realistic plan to complete the course successfully. Students are expected to attend every class meeting. In addition, a student is expected to work a minimum of two hours per week outside class for each credit hour. To receive permission to register:
    • The student must write a statement in the text box on the form indicating that they will attend every class. The student must also state how many hours they plan to study, how they will allocate their study time, and list resources that they will use to help improve their performance.
    • In addition, the student's advisor must send an email to verifying that they have met with the student and discussed the student's study plan. The advisor should also schedule an appointment to meet with the student after their first test to discuss their performance.