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Information for Mathematics Majors

Summer programs

Education abroad

A chance to study abroad is a wonderful addition to a student's undergraduate program. Requirements for the mathematics major are flexible so that students should be able to arrange a semester or year abroad during their undergraduate career. The one requirement that might cause difficulty is the two course sequence. Students should plan to take the two course sequence required by the major during two consecutive semesters while they are in Lexington.

Students who are planning to go to graduate school will find that reading knowledge of a language, typically French, German, or Russian, is expected and a semester abroad is a good opportunity to develop facility with a language.

There are two excellent international programs that specialize in mathematics. These are the Budapest Semester in Mathematics and the Math in Moscow program. Students should work with Education Abroad before applying to these programs. Four year plans for students hoping to study abroad while completing a major in mathematics are available at Education Abroad. 

The Department of Mathematics has an exchange agreement with the City University of Hong Kong which allows students to pay UK tuition for a semester or year while attending the City University of Hong Kong. Instruction is in English at the City University of Hong Kong. Students who wish to participate in this program should have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or above.

Mathematics students with an interest in study abroad should meet with the mathematics advisor to learn more about opportunities. Students may find additional information at the University of Kentucky International Center.