08|25|15 - STEM Education Department Welcomes New Research Undergrads -

The University of Kentucky Department of STEM Education, under the direction of Molly Fisher (PI), associate professor and director of graduate studies, and Jennifer Wilhelm (co-PI), professor and chair,

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08|10|15 - What’s Next: Fusing Interests in Undergraduate Research -

Computer science and the St. Chad Gospels. Physics and Spanish. Math and international studies. The combination of these don't seem to make a lot of sense, but it is these interests that have shaped the undergraduate career of one UK senior.

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08|05|15 - FastTrack, FOCUS Programs Position Students Ahead of the Success Curve -

Started in the summer of 2012 as an intensive “boot camp” to help University of Kentucky’s new students prepare for college-level calculus, the FastTrack program has become an integral part of efforts to help students transition to the college classroom.

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08|03|15 - The Career of Ed Enochs Spotlighted at International Mathematics Conference - The conference paid tribute to Enoch’s career, which has included mentoring countless students and directing more than 55 doctoral dissertations. - more...
07|08|15 - Seven UK Students Named Fulbright Recipients - University of Kentucky Office of Nationally Competitive Awards has announced that a seventh UK student has been named a recipient of Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships. - more...
07|07|15 - UK Alums Receive Knowles Science Teaching Fellowships - Two recent University of Kentucky graduates, Michael Delfino and Samantha Dougherty, are among only 34 high school mathematics and science teachers in the U.S. named to the 2015 cohort of Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSF) teaching fellows. - more...
07|01|15 - Fascinating Research that Speaks to the Power of Collaboration - At the University of Kentucky, our work is deeply rooted in a sense of community and in a spirit of partnership; we know that working together is the best way to address complex challenges. - more...
06|04|15 - VIDEO: Quest for Buried Knowledge Continues with New Computer Software Tool - In the 18th century, researchers attempting to read the writings of ancient, charred scrolls picked and pulled at the fragile artifacts, destroying many. - more...
06|04|15 - Five A&S Students Named Fulbright Recipients - The University of Kentucky Office of Nationally Competitive Awards has announced that five A&S students have been selected as recipients of Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarships. - more...
06|01|15 - American Mathematical Society recognizes program directed by UK Math Alumnus -

Each the American Mathematical Society recognizes outstanding programs as "Mathematics

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Professor Zhongwei Shen, University of Kentucky Analysis and PDE Seminar Title:  Large-Scale Boundary Regularity Estimates in Periodic Homogenization... @ 745 Patterson Office Tower
Qiao Liang, University of Kentucky Applied Math Seminar--Dissertation Defense Title:  Singular Value Computation and Subspace Clustering Abstract:  In this... @ 745 Patterson Office Tower
Faculty Meeting @ 745 Patterson Office Tower
Dave Jensen Algebra and Geometry Seminar Title:  Matroids in Algebra and Geometry Abstract:  Matroids are combinatorial... @ POT 745
Professor Bert Guillou, University of Kentucky Topology Seminar--Organizational Meeting @ 745 Patterson Office Tower
Jonathan Campbell, University of Texas-Austin Topology Seminar Title:  The Algebraic K-Theory of Varieties  Abstract:  The Grothendieck ring... @ 745 Patterson Office Tower
Faculty Retreat
Reception for David Adams The Department will host a reception to mark David Adams' retirement.  @ Boone Center
Multiple Biannual All Math Meeting Information meeting for all Math majors and minors, and for all students... @ CB 110
Faculty Meeting @ 745 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Yitang Zhang, University of New Hampshire Hayden Howard Lecture @ 110 White Hall Classroom Building
Faculty Meeting @ 745 Patterson Office Tower
Alumni Day Alumni Day will feature three graduate alumni speaking about careers in... @ TBA
Faculty Meeting @ 745 Patterson Office Tower


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