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Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, Edwards Research Professor

Ph.D., University of Bremen, 1991

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Research Interests:
algebraic coding theory
systems theory

My primary area of research is in algebraic coding theory, that is, the theory of error-correcting codes. These codes play a crucial role for the reliability of data transmission via satellite, cell phones, internet communications, data storage on DVDs and where ever else data are transmitted and might undergo some transmission errors. Coding theory aims at preprocessing those data in such a way that the receiver is able to reconstruct the sent data from the erroneous ones if not too many errors happened during the transmission.

My recent projects concern:
- codes over rings,
- MacWilliams identities and MacWilliams extension properties for various weights,
- subspace codes,
- rank-metric codes,
- trellis realizations of linear block codes,
- cyclic convolutional codes.