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Edgar Enochs

Research Interests:
Algebra and Number Theory
coGalois theory of torsion free covers

PhD. Notre Dame University, 1958


My research interest concerns the coGalois theory of torsion free covers.

This is a joint program with a team including researchers in Almería, Spain (who frequently visit UK). We have now classified the compact absolute coGalois groups (they are products of finite dimensional p-adic Lie groups) and are now involved in the relative theory.

Selected Publications:

Some recent publications:

  • Relative Homological Algebra (with Overtoun M.G. Jenda), de Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics 30, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin 2000.
  • Compact coGalois groups (with Juan Ramon García Rozas, Overtoun Jenda and Luis Oyonarte), Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 128 (2000), 233-244.
  • Envelopes and covers by modules of finite injective and projective dimensions (with Stephen Aldrich, Overtoun Jenda and Luis Oyonarte), J. Algebra 242 (2001), 447-459.