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David Royster

Research Interests:
mathematics education
Topology and geometry

Ph.D., Louisiana State University, 1978


Use of Computer Algebra Systems in the teaching of secondary school and college mathematics

Using Dynamic Geometry Systems in the teaching of secondary school and college mathematics

The mathematical preparation of teachers of mathematics in K-12 schools

Placing mathematics online for use in interactive online mathematics courses

Selected Publications:

Aspherical generators of unoriented cobordism, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 66(1977), 131–137.

Stabilizations of periodic maps on manifolds, Michigan Mathematical Journal, 27(1980), 235–245.

Involutions fixing the disjoint union of two projective spaces, Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 29(1980), 267–276.

(with Gary Hamrick), Flat riemannian manifolds are boundaries, Inventiones mathe­maticæ, 66(1982), 405–413.

Dimensions of the fixed point set, Houston Journal of Mathematics, 10(1984), 273–277.

Equivariant fiberings over the circle, Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 36(1987), 339–350.

Using Maple and the Calculus Reform Material in the Calculus Sequence, Tom Lee (ed), Mathematical Computation with Maple V: Ideas and Applications; Birkhäuser, Boston MA, 1994, 43–50.

(with Kim Prichard) Metrolina Calculus Consortium: Implementing a technology-based curriculum, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics, Chicago, IL, L. Lum (ed)., Addison-Wesley, Cambridge, MA, 1994, 812–814.

Supplementary Appendices with Graphing Calculator Examples for Holder, DeFranza, and Pasachoff’s Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Single Variable Calculus, Holder, DeFranza, Pasachoff, and Royster.  Brooks-Cole, ITP, Inc. 1994.

An analogue of the stabilization map for regular Zp actions, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, 24(2), Spring 1994, 689–708.

(with M.K. Harris and N.B. Schoeps) Dispositions of college mathematics students, International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 30(3), 1999, 317–333.

(with David Pugalee, Chris Giersch, Charles Nusinov, and Thomas Pinelli) Celebrating 100 Years of Flight:  Testing Wing Designs in Aircraft, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, NCTM, Reston VA, December 2004 – January 2005.

(with David Pugalee, Fran Arbaugh, Jennifer Bay-Williams, Anne Farrell, and Susann Matthews) Navigating through Mathematical Connections in Grades 6-8, NCTM, Reston, VA, 2008.

(with Kenneth Chelst, Tom Edwards, Robert Young, and Karen Keene) “Project MINDSET: High school mathematics and operations research.” In Tutorials in Operations Research 2008: State of the Art Decision Making Tools in the Information-Intensive Age, Z. L. Chen and S. Raghaven eds., Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. Hanover, MD. 2008.

(with Molly Fisher) Mathematics teachers' support and retention: using Maslov's hierarchy to understand teacher's needs, International Journal of Mathematics Education, 47(2016),1-16.