Chi-Sing Man

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Mathematics
971 Patterson Office Tower

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, 1980


Continuum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Constitutive Modeling, Polycrystalline Materials, Crystallographic Texture, Acoustoelastic Measurement of Residual Stress, Plasticity in Metal Forming, Crystallization in Thin Films under Solvent-Vapor Annealing


Selected Publications: 
  • C.-S. Man, Crystallographic texture and group representations. Journal of Elasticity, to appear.
  • C.-S. Man and D. Zhao, Remarks on texture coefficients of polycrystals with improper crystallite symmetry. Journal of Elasticity 138, 111-124 (2020);
  • D. Zhao and C.-S. Man, Solvent-vapor induced spherulitic growth in multicomponent elastic films. Journal of Elasticity 135, 509-542 (2019);
  • C.-S. Man and J.D. Goddard, Remarks on isotropic extension of anisotropic constitutive functions via structural tensors. Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 23, 554-563 (2018);
  • Y. Chen, C.-S. Man, K. Tanuma, and C.M. Kube, Monitoring near-surface depth profile of residual stress in weakly anisotropic media by Rayleigh-wave dispersion. Wave Motion 77, 119-138 (2018);
  • W. Du and C.-S. Man, Material tensors and pseudotensors of weakly-textured polycrystals with orientation distribution function defined on the orthogonal group. Journal of Elasticity 127, 197-233 (2017);
  • C.-S. Man, Classical thermodynamics of elastic solids as open systems. Journal of Elasticity 126, 271-280 (2017);
  • M. Huang and C.-S. Man, Remarks on the Woodthorpe-Pearce "anomalous" behavior in sheet metals. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 108-109, 129-136 (2016);
  • K. Tanuma, C.-S. Man, and Y. Chen, Dispersion of Rayleigh waves in weakly anisotropic media with vertically-inhomogeneous initial stress. International Journal of Engineering Science 92, 63-82 (2015);
  • C.-S. Man, G. Nakamura, K. Tanuma, and S. Wang, Dispersion of Rayleigh waves in vertically-inhomogeneous prestressed elastic media. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics 80, 47-84 (2015);
  • M. Jabbour, C.-S. Man, and R. Paroni, Spherulitic crystallization in binary thin films under solvent-vapor annealing. I. A sharp-interface theory. Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 144704 (2013), 18 pages;
  • M. Huang and C.-S. Man, A generalized Hosford yield function for weakly-textured sheets of cubic metals. International Journal of Plasticity 41, 97-123 (2013);
  • K. Tanuma, C.-S. Man, and W. Du, Perturbation of phase velocity of Rayleigh waves in prestressed anisotropic media with orthorhombic principal part. Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 18, 301-322 (2013);
  • C.-S. Man and M. Huang, A representation theorem for material tensors of weakly-textured polycrystals and its applications in elasticity. Journal of Elasticity 106, 1-42 (2012);
  • C.-S. Man and M. Huang, A simple explicit formula for the Voigt-Reuss-Hill average of elastic polycrystals with arbitrary crystal and texture symmetries. Journal of Elasticity 105, 29-48 (2011);
  • C.-S. Man, X. Gao, S. Godefroy, and E.A. Kenik, Estimating geometric dislocation densities in polycrystalline materials from orientation imaging microscopy. International Journal of Plasticity 26, 423-440 (2010);
  • C.-S. Man and M. Massoudi, On the thermodynamics of some generalized second-grade fluids. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics 22, 27-46 (2010);
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