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Benjamin Braun


BA, Mathematics and English Composition, Truman State University
AM, Mathematics, Washington University in Saint Louis
PhD, Mathematics, Washington University in Saint Louis


My mathematical research is in geometric, algebraic, and topological combinatorics, specifically the study of integer points in rational polytopes and cones, quasi-polynomials and generating functions, integer partitions and compositions, simplicial and cell complexes arising in combinatorics, graphs and associated matrices, graded algebras and associated resolutions, Groebner bases and triangulations, and applications of combinatorics.

My scholarly interests in teaching and learning include active learning, using writing in mathematics courses, pre-service teacher education, pedagogical use of the history of mathematics, math and social justice, critical theory (especially reader-response, feminist, and deconstructionist), and connections between mathematics education and other disciplines.

More information, including a short CV, list of publications, and previous courses, can be found at my website:

I am a co-organizer of the UK Working Group on Ethics, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in the Mathematical Sciences.