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Topology PhD Dissertations since 1975

Ang Li

2022 The v1-Periodic Region in C-Motivic Ext and an R-Motivic v1-Selfmap B. Guillou

Shane Clark

2020 Periodic Points on Tori: Vanishing and Realizability K. Ponto

John Mosley

2016 In Search of a Class of Representatives for SU-Cobordism Using the Witten Genus S. Ochanine
Clinton Hines 2014 Spin Cobordism and Wedge Quasitoric Manifolds S. Ochanine
Andrew Wilfong 2013 Toric Varieties and Cobordism S. Ochanine
Joshua Roberts 2010 Low Dimensional Group Homology--Alogrithms for Upper Bounds and Generators M. Anton
Eric Kahn 2009 The Generalized Burnside and Representation Rings M. Anton, E. Enochs
Daniel Pinzon 2006 Vertex Algebras and Strongly Homotopy Lie Algebras V. Gorbounov
Elizabeth Stepp 2005 Large Whitney Levels and Closed Antichains C. Eberhart
Steve Elliott 2005 Simple Homotopy Theory for Cell Complexes T. Chapman
Anna Davis 2002 A Relative Version of the Finiteness Obstruction Theory of Wall T. Chapman
Jody Lynn Fast 2000 The Beta Genus of Spin Hypersurfaces S. Ochanine
Scott Simmons 1998 Elliptic Genera, Homogeneous Spaces, and Afine Lie Algebras S. Ochanine
Scott Smith 1993 The Weakly Confluent Images of Graphs B. Fugate
Joel Haywood 1993 A Characterization of Universal Images of Trees C. Eberhart
Robert Buskirk 1991 A Universal Completely Regular Curve and Inverse Limits of Locally Connected Curves C. Eberhart
Daniel Floyd Wagonner 1985 Loop Spaces and the Classical Unitary Groups F. Cohen
Scott Metcalf 1982 Finding a Boundary for a Hilbert Cube Manifold Bundle T. Chapman
Bruce Hughes 1981 Local Homotopy Properties in Spaces of Approximate Fibrations T. Chapman
William Otis Nowell 1977 Tubular Neighborhoods of Hilbert Cube Manifolds T. Chapman
Crump Walker Baker 1975 The Pedersen Ideal and The Representation of C*-algebras J. Mack
Lawrence Mand 1975 A Generalization of Cell-like Mappings T. Chapman