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Indigenous Politics in Ecuador srhuts2 Tue, 08/22/2017 - 10:13 am

Rm 005, Main building

Shoulder to Shoulder Global: an interview with Craig Borie and Vanessa Martinez

For ten years, Shoulder to Shoulder Global has been serving impoverished communities in and near Santo Domingo, Ecuador. In 2002, Shoulder to Shoulder Global went on its first trip to help people in need of medical care. Groups of students, healthcare professionals, faculty and volunteers have been visiting multiple times a year ever since. Though the group’s goal is to provide healthcare, any interested student or community member can participate. 

UK Welcomes International Studies Director
Member of the Department of Sociology accustomed to creative and interdisciplinary work across colleges and continents, which is ideal for his new role at UK
jlbeam4 Tue, 09/13/2011 - 09:02 am
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