MathExcel Program

MathExcel students work together in small groups

MathExcel students form lasting friendships

MathExcel students work closely with workshop leaders and undergraduate assistants

MathExcel meets at the Math House on UK's Campus

MathExcel holds a pizza party after each test

What is MathExcel?

MathExcel is a support program for students enrolled in MA110 (Algebra & Trig for Calculus) and MA113 (Calculus I) in Fall semesters or MA113 (Calculus I) and MA114 (Calculus II) in Spring semesters. It works as follows.

  • Students in MathExcel attend the same lectures as all other students in MA110 or MA113 or MA114
  • They study the same material, take the same quizzes and exams and do the same homework as all other students in the course.
  • MathExcel students in MA110 have 200 minutes practice time per week in problem-solving workshops designed to hone Precalculus skills and promote success, whereas regular MA110 students get 100 minutes of recitation time. MathExcel students in MA113 or MA114 have 230 minutes practice time, while regular students receive 150 minutes. Each MathExcel workshops is led by a senior and very skilled and devoted teaching assistant.
  • MathExcel is not a remedial program, and it is not an honors program. Anyone satisfying the following is welcome:
    • meeting the requirements for MA110 or MA113 or MA 114 (see below)
    • willing to work hard and make the extra time commitment.
  • In MA110, MathExcel students receive 5 credit hours (4 with a letter grade and 1 on a pass/fail grade), whereas regular MA110 students receive 4 credit hours with a letter grade.
  • In MA113 and MA114, MathExcel students receive 6 credit hours (4 with a letter grade and 2 on a pass/fail grade), while regular MA113/MA114 students receive 4+1 credit hours.
  • Preference for participation will be given to first-year students.

How can I enroll?

All applications are handled online. Please fill out the online application  to obtain permission for MathExcel. You will usually receive permission within one day, and this allows you to register for the class. See the online application for the various MathExcel sections and their meeting times. Once you have permission, you can enroll for your preferred section. Make sure to enroll in both sections listed with the correct section number.

For any further questions, please contact the director.

What else to know about MathExcel?

MathExcel students make new friends, get more personal attention, get more practice solving problems, and earn better grades. Average grades for MathExcel students range from one-half to one letter grade higher than the overall average. Math Excel students learn valuable problem-solving and study skills in our unique group learning environment. Our students go on to succeed in science, engineering, and mathematics majors.

Admission Requirements for MA110:

The requirement is one of the following:
Math SAT at least 590;
Math ACT at least 25;
UK ALEKS (proctored) at least 61%;
UK MathIndex3 at least 76;
HSGPA at least 3.65;
HSGPA at least 3.30 and Pre-Calculus;
High School Calculus;
Grade C or better in MA109.

Admission Requirements for MA113:

The requirement is one of the following:
Math SAT at least 650 (SAT before 2016 at least 620);
Math ACT at least 27;
UK ALEKS (procoterd) at least 76%;
UK MathIndex3 at least 80;
HSGPA at least 3.75 and Pre-Calc;
HSGPA at least 3.10 and High School Calculus;
Grade C or better in MA109 and MA112;
Grade C or better in MA110.

Admission Requirements for MA114:

The requirement is:
Grade C or better in MA113.

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