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Minor Requirements

Always check the University of Kentucky Bulletin for up-to-date information.

Math Minor

A minor in mathematics helps a student to strengthen their mathematical preparation and serves as a complement to programs in other scientific and technical fields.

To earn a minor in mathematics, a student must take Calculus I-III, MA 113, MA 114, MA 213 and MA 322, Matrix algebra and its applications and six additional Hours of courses numbered greater than MA 213. Suggested courses include MA 214, Calculus IV, MA 261 Introduction to Number Theory,  MA/STA 320 Introductory Probability, CS/MA 321 Introduction to Numerical Analysis, MA 330 History of Mathematics, MA 340 Applicable Algebra, MA 341 Topics in Geometry, MA 351 Elementary Topology I, MA 361 Elementary Modern Algebra I, or any 400 level mathematics course.

To declare a minor, a student must visit the advising center of the college of their primary major. The Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Mathematics Advisor are available to answer questions.