Liam Solus earns Post-doctoral Fellowship

Liam Solus has been awarded a National Science Foundation Post-doctoral Fellowship to work with Petter Brändén at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm. The research program will investigate the combinatorial convex geometry of real-rooted polynomials and their multivariate generalizations, the (real)-stable polynomials. In recent years, interest in stable polynomials and their associated geometric objects has surged following the introduction of hyperbolic programs to convex optimization and the hyperbolic exponential families to statistics. Stable polynomials have even played an important role in the solutions to long-standing open problems such as the Kadison-Singer Problem. During the fellowship tenure, Liam will study the geometry of convex sets associated to stable polynomials by studying the properties of related combinatorial objects. The problems investigated will have applications to pure and applied fields of mathematics including conic optimization, statistics, and Ehrhart theory. Liam finished his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Kentucky in December 2015 under the direction of Ben Braun.

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