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KOI Combinatorics Lectures

CB 114
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Richard Ehrenborg, University of Kentucky

KOI Combinatorics Lectures

Speaker:  Richard Ehrenborg, University of Kentucky

Title:         Sharing pizza in n dimensions


We introduce and prove the n-dimensional Pizza Theorem. Let H be a real n-dimensional hyperplane arrangement. If K is a convex set of finite volume, the pizza quantity of K is the alternating sum of the volumes of the regions obtained by intersecting K with the arrangement H. We prove that if H is a Coxeter arrangement different from A1n such that the group of isometries W generated by the reflections in the hyperplanes of H contains the negative of the identity map, and if K is a translate of a convex set that is stable under W and contains the origin, then the pizza quantity of K is equal to zero. Our main tool is an induction formula for the pizza quantity involving a subarrangement of the restricted arrangement on hyperplanes of H that we call the even restricted arrangement. We get stronger results in the case of balls. We prove that the pizza quantity of a ball containing the origin vanishes for a Coxeter arrangement H with |H|-n an even positive integer.

This is joint work with Sophie Morel and Margaret Readdy.


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