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Recent PhDs

When positions are listed, the most recent position known is given.
  • William Gustafson, DoD, Ph.D. 2023, "Lattice minors and Eulerian posets",  M. Readdy.

  • Benjamin Reese, Arkansas Tech, Ph.D. 2023, "Geometry of Pipe Dream Complexes", M. Readdy.

  • Kaitlin Bruegge, Assistant Professor Educator, University of Cincinnati, Ph.D. 2023, "Geometric and Combinatorial Properties of Lattice Polytopes Defined from Graphs", B. Braun.

  • Matias von Bell, Research Postdoc, TU Graz, Ph.D. 2022, "On Flow Polytopes, nu-Associahedra, and the Subdivision Algebra," M. Yip

  • Derek Hanely, Assistant Professor, Penn State Behrend, Ph.D. 2022, "Geometric Properties of Weighted Projective Space Simplices," B. Braun.

  • Andrés R. Vindas Meléndez, National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, UC Berkeley and MSRI, Ph.D. 2021, "Combinatorial Invariants of Rational Polytopes," B. Braun.

  • Julianne Vega, Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University, Ph.D. 2020. "Graph-Theoretic Simplicial Complexes, Hajos-type Constructions, and k-Matchings," B. Braun.

  • Brian Davis, Research Postdoc, Markey Cancer Center, University of Kentucky, Ph.D. 2019, "Lattice Simplices: Sufficiently Complicated," B. Braun.
  • Karthik Chandrasekhar, Assistant Professor, PES University, Bengaluru India, Ph.D. 2019, "Bounding the Number of Compatible Simplices in Higher Dimensional Tournaments," R. Ehrenborg.
  • Alex Happ, Assistant Professor, Christian Brothers University, Ph.D. 2018, "A Combinatorial Miscellany: Antipodes, Parking Cars, and Descent Set Powers," R. Ehrenborg.
  • Marie Meyer, Assistant Professor, Lewis University, Ph.D. 2018, "Polytopes Associated to Graph Laplacians," B. Braun.
  • McCabe Olsen, Three-year postdoc, Ohio State University, Ph.D. 2018, "Hilbert Bases, Descent Statistics, and Combinatorial Semigroup Algebras," B. Braun.
  • Kristen Barnard.  Berea College, Ph.D. 2017, "Some take-away games on discrete structures," C. Lee.
  • Dustin Hedmark.   Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville TN, Ph.D. 2017, "The partition lattice in many guises," R. Ehrenborg.
  • Wesley Hough.  Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin -- Whitewater, Ph.D. 2017, "On independence, matching, and homomorphism complexes," B. Braun.
  • Yue Cai.   Three-year postdoc, Texas A & M, Ph.D. 2016, "New Perspectives of Quantum Analogues," M. Readdy.
  • Sarah Nelson.  Assistant Professor, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Ph.D. 2016, "Flag f-vectors of polytopes with few vertices," C. Lee.
  • Robert Davis.  Three-year postdoc, Michigan State University.  Ph.D. 2015, "Unimodality Questions in Ehrhart Theory," B. Braun.
  • Brad Fox.  Assistant Professor, Austin Peay State University, Ph.D. 2015, "Combinatorial Potpourri: Permutations, Products, Posets, and Pfaffians," R. Ehrenborg.
  • Clifford Taylor, Ph.D. 2015, "Deletion-Induced Triangulations," C. Lee.
  • Liam Solus, National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, KTH. Ph.D. 2015, "Polyhedral Problems in Combinatorial Convex Geometry," B. Braun.
  • JiYoon Jung. Three-year Postdoc, Marshall University, Huntington, WV, Ph.D. 2012, "The topology of restricted partition posets and descent pattern avoidance," R. Ehrenborg.


  • Eric Clark. Assistant Professor, Western New England University, Springfield, MA, Ph.D. 2011, "Combinatorial aspects of excedances and the Frobenius complex," R. Ehrenborg.
  • Matt Zeckner. Assistant Professor, Adrian College, Adrian, MI, Ph.D. 2011, "Topological and combinatorial properties of neighborhood and chessboard complexes," B. Braun.


  • DJ Wells. Mathematics Teacher, Kingston High School, Kingston, NC, Ph.D. 2010, "General flips and the cd-index," C. Lee.


  • Patricia Muldoon Brown. Associate Professor, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Ph.D. 2009, "Rees products of posets and inequalities," M. Readdy.


  • Carlos Nicolás. Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Ph.D. 2008, "Structural and enumerative properties of k-triangulations of the n-gon," C. Lee.
  • Michael Slone. Programmer, University of Kentucky Libraries, Ph.D. 2008, "Homological combinatorics and extensions of the cd-index," R. Ehrenborg.


  • Gareth Bendall. Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown College Ph.D. 2004, "Domination Analysis Beyond the Traveling Salesman Problem," F. Margot/C. Lee.
  • Matt Menzel. Assistant Professor, Marietta College, OH; Ph.D. 2004, "Generalized Sewing Constructions for Polytopes," C. Lee.


  • Robert Riehemann. Instructor, Northern Kentucky University; Ph.D. 2003, "Subset Take-away on Graphs," C. Lee.
  • Jakayla Robbins. Assistant Professor, University of Montana; Currently Senior Lecturer & Assist. Director of Undergraduate Studies at Vanderbilt University; Ph.D. 2003, "Orientations of Free Spikes," C. Lee.
  • Laura Schmidt. Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin -- Stout; Ph.D. 2003, "Numbers of faces of simplicial spheres & balls," C. Lee.


  • Connie Gerads Fournelle. Alphatech, Inc., Burlington, MA; Ph.D. 2000, "Covering Units of Aperiodic Tilings," C. Lee.
  • Teresa Contenza. Assistant Professor, University of Montevallo, AL; Ph.D. 2000, "On the Dominating-Set Polytope," C. Lee.
  • Cynthia Aossey. Frankfort; Ph.D. 2000, "3PC(.,.)-Free Berge Graphs are Perfect," K. Vuskovic / C. Lee.


  • Daphne Skipper. US WEST Advanced Technologies; Ph.D. 1999, "Combinatorial Scheduling Models," J. Lee.
  • Wendy Weber. Assistant Professor, Central College; Ph.D. 1999, "Recovering Triangulations of Convex Polytopes," C. Lee.
  • John Kuchenbrod. MITRE Corp., McLean, VA; Ph.D., 1999, "Extremal Problems on Weighted Graphs," J. Lee.


  • Joy D. Williams Lind. Level 3 Communications; Ph.D., 1998, "Spectral Bounds for Entropy Models," J. Lee.
  • Dan Wilson. US WEST Advanced Technologies; Ph.D., 1998, "Polyhedral Methods for Piecewise-Linear Functions," J. Lee.


  • Matt Scobee. Humana; Ph.D., 1997, "Orientations of Ternary Matroids," J. Lee.
  • Robert Hebble. Assistant Professor, Kentucky State University; Ph.D., 1997, "Hamiltonicity of Squeezed Spheres," C. Lee.


  • Stewart Tung. Assistant Professor, Dallas Baptist University; Ph.D., 1996, "Monge, Optimality, and Feasibility Sequences in Capacitated Transportation Problems," C. Lee.


  • Fariba Bigdeli-Jahed. Associate Professor, Kentucky State University; Ph.D., 1991, "Regular Triangulations of Convex Polytopes and d-Cubes," C. Lee.