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Graduate Program / Graduate Degrees Awarded (Doctoral Degrees)

Graduate Degrees Awarded (Doctoral Degrees)

Doctoral Degrees

August 2023
  • Bruegge, Kaitlin (B. Braun)
     Geometric and Combinatorial Properties of Lattice Polytopes Defined from Graphs
  • George, Courtney (C. Manon)
     Toric Bundles as Mori Dream Spaces
  • Reese, Ralph Benjamin (M. Readdy)
     Geometry of Pipe Dream Complexes
  • Schuetz, Camille (P. Perry)
     A Scattering Result for the Fifth-order KP-II Equation
  • Speeter, Noah (D. Jensen)
     Methods of Computing Graph Gonalities
May 2023
  • Barhite, Justin (K. Ponto)
     Bicategorical Traces and Cotraces
  • Gustafson, William (M. Readdy)
     Lattice minors and Eulerian posets
  • Hanson, Angela (D. Jensen)
     Surjectivity of the Wahl Map on Cubic Graphs
  • Jany, Benjamin (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
     q-Polymatroids and their application to rank-metric codes
  • Looi, Shi-Zhuo (M. Tohaneanu)
     Asymptotics of hyperbolic partial differential equations
  • Zadorozhnyy, Vasily (Q. Ye)
     Novel Architectures and Optimization Algorithms for Traning Neural Networks and Applications
December 2022
  • Plaugher, Daniel (D. Murrugarra)
     An Integrated Computational Pipeline to Construct Patient-Specific Cancer Models
  • Slone, Carissa (B. Guillou)
     Slices of C_2, Klein-4, and Quaternionic Eilenberg-Mac Lane Spectra
May 2022
  • Cummings, Joseph (C. Manon)
     Tropical Geometry of T-Varieties with Applications for Algebraic Statistics
  • Gauthier, Landon (R. Brown)
     Inverse Boundary Value Problems for Polyharmonic Operators With Non-Smooth Coefficients
  • Hanely, Derek (B. Braun)
     Geometric Properties of Weighted Projective Space Simplices
  • Lange, Susanna (Q. Ye) 
     Batch Normalization Preconditioning for Neural Network Training
  • >Li, Ang (B. Guillou)
     The v1-Periodic Region in Complex Motivic Ext And a Real Motivic v1-Selfmap
  • von Bell, Matias (M. Yip)
     On Flow Polytopes, nu-Associahedra, and the Subdivision Algebra
December 2021
  • Herschenfeld, Samuel (P. Hislop)
     Some Proofs Regarding Minami Estimates and Local Eigenvalue Statistics for Some Random Schrödinger Operator Models 
August 2021
  • Cook-Powell, Kaelin (D. Jensen)
     A Tropical Approach to the Brill-Noether Theory Over Hurwitz Spaces
  • Duncan, Drew (D. Leep)
     Solubility of Additive Forms over Local Fields
  • Lehmann, Hunter (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
     Weight Distributions, Automorphisms, and Isometries of Cyclic Orbit Codes
  • Vindas Meléndez, Andrés R. (B. Braun)
     Combinatorial Invariants of Rational Polytopes
May 2021
  • Blevins, Deborah (D. Leep)
     The Smallest Solution of an Isotropic Quadratic Form
  • Perez-Lavin, Darleen (D. Leep)
     The Plus-Minus Davenport Constant of Finite Abelian Groups
  • White, Jay (U. Nagel)
     Maximums of Total Betti Numbers in HIlbert Families
December 2020
  • Klipfel, Joel (P. Perry)
     The Direct Scattering Map for the Intermediate Long Wave Equation
August 2020
  • Maduranga, Kehelwala Dewage Gayan (Q. Ye)
     Unitary and Symmetric Structure in Deep Neural Networks
  • Sahajpal, Nandita (D. Leep)
     Simultaneous Zeros of a System of Two Quadratic Forms
  • Trok, William (U. Nagel)
     Geometry of Linear Subspace Arrangements with Connections to Matroid Theory
May 2020
  • Brodie, Benjanim (P. HIslop)
     Eigenvalue Statistics and Localization for Random Band Matrices with Fixed Width and Wegner Orbital Model
  • Clark, Shane (K. Ponto)
     Periodic Points on Tori: Vanishing and Realizability
  • Helfrich, Kyle (Q. Ye)
     Orthogonal Recurrent Neural Networks and Batch Normalization in Deep Neural Networks
  • Maraj, Aida (U. Nagel)
     Algebraic and Geometric Properties of Hierarchical Model  
  • Petrik, Rachel (D. Leep)
     Solutions to Systems of Equations over Finite Fields
  • Sawyer, Kalila (D. Jensen
     Scrollar Invariants of Tropical Chains of Loops
  • Vega, Julianne (B. Braun)
     Graph-Theoretic Simplicial Complexes, Hajos-type Constructions, and k-Matchings
December 2019
  • Al Ghafli, Maryam Ali (P. Hislop)
    An Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for the Schrödinger Equation on the Unit Ball of R^3
August 2019
  • Antrobus, Jared, (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
    The State of Lexicodes and Ferrers Diagram Rank-Metric Codes
  • Slye, Jeffery (D. Royster)
    Undergraduate Mathematics Students' Connections Between Their Group Homomorphisms and Linear Transformation Concept Images
  • Zhuge, Jinping (Z. Shen)
    Boundary Layers in Periodic Homogenization
May 2019
  • Bray, Kasey (Q. Ye)
    On the Role of Ill Conditioning: Biharmonic Eigenvalue Problem and Multigrid Algorithms
  • Davis, Brian (B. Braun)
    Lattice Simplices: Sufficiently Complicated
  • Chandrasekhar, Karthik (R. Ehrenborg)
    Bounding the Number of Compatible Simplices in Higher Dimensional Tournaments
  • Lytle, George (P. Perry)
    Approximations in Reconstructing Discontinuous Conductivities in the Calderon Problem
  • Pllaha, Tefjol (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
    Equivalence of Classical and Quantum Codes
December 2018
  • Willmott, Devin (Q. Ye)
    Recurrent Neural Networks and Their Applications to RNA Secondary Structure Inference
August 2018
  • Sang, Yucong (C.Man)
    A Representation Theorem for Material Tensors of Textured Thin Sheets with Weak Planar Anistoph
  • Zhao, Ding  (C.Man)
    Spherulitic Growth and Thermodynamic Equilibrium in Multicomponent Elastic Films Under Solvent-vapor Annealing  
May 2018
  • Deterding, Stephen (J. Brennan)
    Bounded Point Derivations on Certain Function Spaces
  • Happ, Alexander (R. Ehrenborg)
    A Combinatorial Miscellany: Antipodes, Parking Cars, and Descent Set Powers
  • Meyer, Marie (B. Braun)
    Polytopes Associated to Graph Laplacians
  • Olsen, McCabe (B. Braun)
    Hilbert Bases, Descent Statsitics, and Combinatorial Semigroup Algebras
  • Russell, Chase (Z. Shen)
    Homogenization in Perforated Domains and with Soft Inclusions
August 2017
  • Liu, Jaiqi (P. Perry)
    Global Well-Posedness for the Derivative Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation Through Inverse Scattering
May 2017
  • Barnard, Kristen (C. Lee)
    Some Take-Away Games on Discrete Structures
  • Harney, Isaiah (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
    Colorings of Hamming-Distance Graphs
  • Hedmark, Dustin (R. Ehrenborg)
    The Partition Lattice in Many Guises
  • Hough, Wesley (B. Braun)
    On Independence, Matching, and Homomorphism Complexes
  • Lindgren, Joseph (P. Hislop)
    Orbital Stability of Solitons Solving Non-Linear Schrödinger Equations in an External Potential
  • Schreffler, Morgan (R. Brown)
    Approximation of Solutions to the Mixed Dirichlet-Neumann Boundary Value Problem on Lipschitz Domains
  • Sordo Vieira, Luis (D. Leep)
    On P-ADIC Fields and P-Groups
  • Wolf, Robert (P. Hislop)
    Compactness of Isoresonant Potentials
August 2016
  • Croyle, Laura (R. Brown)
    Solutions to the L^p Mixed Boundary Value Problem in C^ {1,1} Domains
  • Gu, Shu (Z. Shen)
    Homogenization of Stokes Systems With Periodic Coefficients
  • Mosley, John (S. Ochanine)
    In Search of a Image Class of Representatives for SU-Cobordism Using the Witten Genus
  • Music, Michael (P. Perry)
    Inverse Scattering For The Zero-Energy Novikov-Veselov Equation
  • Zhang, Yaowei (R. Brown)
    The Bourgain Spaces and Recovery of Magnetic and Electric Potentials of Schrödinger Operators
May 2016
  • Cai, Yue (M. Readdy)
    New Perspectives of Quantum Analogues
  • Constable, Jonathan (D. Leep)
    Kronecker's Theory of Binary Bilinear Forms with Applications to Representations of Integers as Sums of Three Squares
  • Fogarty, Neville (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
    On Skew-Constacyclic Codes
  • Nelson, Sarah (C. Lee)
    Flag f-Vectors of Polytopes with Few Verticies
December 2015
  • Liang, Qiao (Q. Ye)
    Singular Value Computation and Subspace Clustering
  • Solus, Liam (B. Braun)
    Polyhedral Problems in Combinatorical Convex Geometry
  • Wang, Hao (Q. Ye)
    The Krylov Supspace Methods for the Computation of Matrix Exponentials
May 2015
  • Armenoff, Nicholas (U. Nagel)
    Free Resolutions Associated to Representable Matroids
  • Davis, Robert (B. Braun)
    Unimodality Questions in Ehrhart Theory
  • Fox, Norman (R. Ehrenborg)
    Combinatorial Potpourri: Permutations, Products, Posets and Pfaffians
  • Robinson, William (U. Nagel)
    Determinantal Ideals from Symmetrized Skew Tableaux
  • Taylor, Clifford (C. Lee)
    Deletion-Induced Triangulations
  • Troha, Carolyn (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
    Analysis and Constructions of Subspace Codes
December 2014
  • Brewer, Thomas Scott (E. Enochs)
    Algebraic Properties of Formal Power Series Composition
  • Camacho, Fernando (A. Demlow)
    A Posteriori Error Estimates for Surface Finite Element Methods
  • Du, Wenwen (C. Man)
    Material Tensors and Pseudotensors of Weakly-Textured Polycrystals With Orientation Measure Defined on the Orthogonal Group
August 2014
  • Saxton, Aaron (P. Hislop)
    Decay Estimates on Trace Norms of Localized Functions of Schrödinger Operators
May 2014
  • Akman, Murat (J. Lewis)
    On The Dimension of a Certain Measure Arising From a Quasilinear Elliptic PDE
  • Gier, Megan (P. Hislop)
    Eigenvalue Multiplicities of the Hodge Laplacian on Coexact 2-Forms For Generic Metrics on 5-Manifolds
  • Gunturkun, Sema (U. Nagel)
    Homogeneous Gorenstein Ideals and Boij-Soderberg Decompositions
  • Hines, Clinton (S. Ochanine)
    Spin Cobordism and Wedge Quasitoric Manifolds
  • Kremer, Ray (E. Enochs)
    Homological Algebra with Filtered Modules
  • Monday, Casey (E. Enochs)
    A Characterization of Serve Classes of Reflective Modules Over a Complete Local Noetherian Ring
  • Ozbek, Furuzan (E. Enochs)
    Subfunctors of Extension Functors
  • Sturgeon, Stephen (U. Nagel)
    Boij-Soderberg Decompositions, Cellular Resolutions, and Polytopes
August 2013
  • Dailey, Megan (Q. Ye)
    Relative Pertubation Theory for Diagonally Dominant Matrices
  • Huang, Tao (C. Wang)
    Regularity and Uniqueness of Some Geometric Heat Flows and Its Applications
May 2013
  • Walker, Ryan (P. Perry)
    On a Paley-Wiener Theorem for the ZS-AKNS Scattering Transform
  • Wilfong, Andrew (S. Ochanine)
    Toric Varieties and Cobordism
August 2012
  • Hineman, Jay (C. Wang)
    The Hydrodynamic Flow of Nematic Liquid Crystals in Three Dimensions
May 2012
  • Barra, Aleams (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
    Equivalence Theorems and the Local-Global Property
  • Cook, II, David W. (U. Nagel)
    Lefschetz Properties and Enumerations
  • Jung, JiYoon (R. Ehrenborg)
    Analytic and Topological Combinatorics of Partition Posets and Permutations
  • Mattingly, Christopher (J. Brennan)
    Rational Approximation on Compact Nowhere Dense Sets
  • Moore, Dennis (U. Nagel)
    Hilbert Polynomials and Strongly Stable Ideals
  • Weaver, Elizabeth (H. Gluesing-Luerssen)
    Minimality and Duality of Tail-biting Trellises for Linear Codes
August 2011
  • Geng, Jun (Z. Shen)
    Elliptic Boundary Value Problems on Non-Smooth Domains
  • Kirby, Nicholas (M. Jabbour)
    Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Discrete-Continuum Maths of Step-Flow Epitaxy: Bunching Instabilities and Continuum Limits
  • Zhi, Weifeng (Q. Ye)
    Spectral Analysis of Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Methods
May 2011
  • Clark, Eric (R. Ehrenborg)
    Combinatorical Aspects of Excedances and the Frobenius Complex
  • Steil, Laura (D. Leep)
    Isometry Classes of Quadratic Forms Defined Over P-Adic Rings
  • Taylor, Justin (R. Brown)
    Convergence of Eigenvalues for Elliptic Systems on Domains with Thin Tubes and Green Functions for the Mixed Problem
  • Zeckner, Matthew (C. Lee)
    Topological and Combinatorical Properties of Neighborhood and Chessboard Complexes
August 2010
  • Deb, Dibyajyoti (D. Leep)
    Diagonal Forms and the Rationality of the Poincare Series
  • Wells, Daniel J. (C. Lee)
    General Flips and the CD-Index
May 2010
  • Ho, Phuoc (P. Hislop)
    Upper Bounds on the Splitting of Eigenvalues
  • Militzer, Erin (J. Brennan)
    Lp Bounded Point Evaluations for Polynomials and Uniform Rational Approximation
  • Roberts, Joshua (M. Anton)
    Low Dinmensional Group Homology--Alogrithms for Upper Bounds and Generators
December 2009
  • Miker, Julie (P. Hislop)
    Eigenvalue Inequalities for a Family of Spherically Symmetric Reimannian Manifolds
  • Zhang, Ping (Q. Ye)
    Iterative Methods for Computing Eigenvalues and Exponentials of Large Matrices
August 2009
  • Kilty, Joel (Z. Shen)
    Lp Boundary Problems of Lipschitz Domains
  • Nie, Zhongyi (R. Brown)
    Estimates for a Class of Multi-Linear Forms
  • Wells, Matthew (R. Millman)
    Aspects of the Geometry of Metrical Connections
May 2009
  • Brown, Tricia Muldoon (M. Readdy)
    Rees Products of Posets and Inequalities
  • Chifman, Julia (J. Beidleman)
    Direct Products and the Intersection Map of Certain Classes of Finite Groups
  • Kahn, Eric (M. Anton and E. Enochs)
    The Generalized Burnside and Representation Rings
December 2008
  • Schmidt, Jack (E. Enochs)
    Rewriting Systems for Efficient Computation of Group Cohomology
August 2008
  • Bouchat, Rachelle (U. Nagel)
    Algebraic properties of edge ideals
  • Busse, Phillip (U. Nagel)
    Multivariate list decoding of evaluation codes with a Gröbner basis perspective
  • Butcher, Gene (E. Enochs)
    A study of projective complexes
  •  Frayer, Christopher (P. Perry)
    Scattering with Singular Miura Potentials on the Line
  • Jiang, Teng (C. Wang)
    Minimizing L* Variational Problems with the Dirichlet Energy Constraint
  • Nicolas, Carlos (C. Lee)
    Structural and Enumerative Properties of k-Triangulations of the n-Gon
  • Stokes, Erik (U. Nagel)
    The h-Vectors of Matroids and the Arithmetic Degree of Squarefree Strongly Stable Ideals
May 2008
  • Clift, Shawn (E. Enochs)
    Generalized Witt Vectors
  • Godefroy, Hugh Allen Prescott (C. Man)
    A Study of Orientation Maps:  Crystallographic Symmetry, Mean Orientation and Applications
  • Kiteck, Daniel (E. Enochs)
    Covers of Models
  • Petrovic, Sonja (U. Nagel)
    Algebraic and Combinatorial Properties of Certain Toric Ideals in the Theory and Applications
  • Slone, Michael (R. Ehrenborg)
    Homological Combinatorics and Extensions of the CD-Index
December 2007
  • Shin Kim, Aekyoung (Z. Shen)
    The L^p Neumann Problem for Laplace's Equation on Convex Domains
  • Zhang, Wei (R. Li)
    GMRES on a Tridiagonal Toeplitz Linear System
December 2006
  • Bennewitz, Bjorn (J. Lewis)
    Non-Uniqueness in a Free Boundary Problem
  • Shin, Yuho (P. Perry)
    Geodesics of a Two-Step Nilpotent Group
May 2006
  • Money, James (S. H. Kang)
    Variational Methods for the Image Deblurring and Discretized Picard's Method
August 2006
  • Daniel Pinzon (V. Gorbounov)
    Vertex Algebras and Strongly Homotopy Lie Algebras
December 2005
  • Quillen, Pat (Q. Ye)
    Generalizations of an Inverse Free Krylov Subspace Method for the Symmetric Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
August 2005
  • Iacob, Alina (E. Enochs)
    Generalized Tate Cohomology
  • Nedeva, Todorka (E. Enochs)
    Rings of Power Series in the Binomial Polynomials
May 2005
  • Elliott, Stephen (T. Chapman)
    Simple Homotopy Theory for Cell Complexes
  • Sharrow-Pinzon, Kathy (E. Enochs)
    Absolutely Pure Modules
  • Ragland, Matthew (J. Beidleman)
    On Generalizations of Finite Groups in which Normality is a Transitive Relation
  • Stepp, Elizabeth (C. Eberhart)
    Large Whitney Levels and Closed Antichains
  • Wesley, Molly (E. Enochs)
    Torsion Free Covers of Graded and Filtered Modules
December 2004
  • Noble, Leigh (C. Man)
    Recovery of Through-Thickness Texture Profiles in Orthorhombic Sheets of Cubic Metals by Resonance Spectroscopy
August 2004
  • Dobranski, Michael (R. Brown)
    Construction of Exponentially Growing Solutions of First-Order Systems with Non-Local Potentials
  • Hoffnung, Leonard (Q. Ye)
    Subspace Projection Methods for the Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem
  • Kovacs, Steve (L. Harris)
    Invertibility Preserving Maps of C^*-Algebras
May 2004
  • Bendall, Gareth (F. Margot and C. Lee)
    Domination Analysis Beyond the Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Goodloe, Mary (T. Suffridge)
    Hadamard Products of Convex Harmonic Mappings
  • Menzel, Matt (C. Lee)
    Generalized Sewing Construction for Polytopes
  • Mueller, Stacey (T. Suffridge)
    Harmonic Mappings and Solutions of a Differential Equation Related to de la Vallee Poussin Means
August 2003
  • Ishizuka, Wataru (C. Wang and L. Harris)
    The Weak Compactness and Regularity of Weakly Harmonic Maps
  • Riehemann, Robert (C. Lee)
    Subset Take-Away on Graphs
May 2003
  • Robbins, Jakayla (C. Lee)
    On Orientations of the Free Spikes
  • Schmidt, Laura (C. Lee)
    On f-vectors of Regular Triangulations
  • Walters, Karen (C.C. Douglas and C. Lee)
    Variable Order Cascadic Multigrid
August 2002
  • Bullock, Christopher (E. Enochs)
    Chain Numbers of Modules
  • Huang, Mojia (C. Man)
    A Statistical Continuum Theory on Constitutive Relations of Elastic Polycrystal
  • Motley, Mark (D. Leep)
    Isomorphism Classes of Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Function Fields
May 2002
  • Davis, Anna (T. Chapman)
    A Relative Version of the Finiteness Obstruction Theory of Wall
  • Sills, Andrew (G. Andrews and A. Sathaye)
    Computer-Assisted Explorations of Rogers-Ramanujan Type Identities
August 2001
  • Morgan, Christopher (T. Suffridge)
    On Univalent Harmonic Mappings
  • Sullivan, Sharon (D. Leep)
    Examples of Combinatorial Designs
December 2000
  • Fast, Jody (S. Ochanine)
    The Beta Genus of Spin Hypersurfaces
  • Fournelle, Connie (C. Lee)
    Covering Units of Aperiodic Tilings
  • Hu, Jonathan (C. Douglas and T. Hayden)
    Cache Based Multigrid on Unstructured Grids in Two and Three Dimensions
August 2000
  • Contenza, Theresa (C. Lee)
    Some Results on the Dominating Set Polytope
  • Dempsey, David (E. Enochs)
    Functors and the Preservation of Covers and Envelopes
  • Kowalski, Thomas (Z. Bai)
    Extracting a Few Desired Eigenpairs of Symmetric Indefinite Matrix Pencil
  • Sagandykov, Makhmud (E. Enochs)
    Homological Structures of Transformation Groups
  • Varbalow, Julia (E. Enochs)
    Injective and Projective Representations of Quivers
May 2000
  •  Aldrich, Stephen Tempest (E.. Enochs)
    Exact and Semisimple Differential Graded Algebras and Modules
  •  Aossey, Cynthia Ann  (C. Vuskovic and C. Lee)
    3PC(. , .)-Free Berge Graphs are Perfect
  •  Bevelacqua, Anthony Joseph  (D. Leep)
    Isotropy of 4-dimensional torsion quadratic forms over F(x , y) for certains fields F
  •  Lutzer, Carl Victor  (P.  Hislop)
    On the Extraction of Topological and Geometric Data from the Spectrum of the Dirichlet to Neumann Operator
  •  Zaman, Naveed  (E. Enochs)
    Minimal Generators
August 1999
  • Faulkner, Martye Leanne (D. Coleman)
    Engel Properties for Modular Group Algebras
  • Riley, Douglas A. (P. Perry)
    Global Existence of Strong Solutions to the Three Dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Special Boundary Conditions
  • Sykes, Jeffery D. (R. Brown)
    Regularity of Solutions of the Mixed Boundary Problem for Laplace's Equation on a Lipschitz Graph Domain
  • Skipper, Daphne (J. Lee)
    Combinatorial Scheduling Models
May 1999
  • Weber, Wendy (C. Lee)
    Recovering Triangulations of Convex Polytopes
  • Kuchenbrod, John Allen (J. Lee)
    Extremal Problems on Weighted Graphs
  • Muir, Jerry R. Jr., (T. Suffridge)
    Linear and Holomorphic Idempotents and Retracts in the Open Unit Ball of a Commutative C*-algebra with Identity
December 1998
  • Fahey, Mark, (Z. Bai)
    Numerical Computation of Quadratic Forms Involving Large Scale Matrix Functions
August 1998
  • Simmons, Scott (S. Ochanine)
    Homogeneous Dirac Operators and Representation Theory
  • Starr, Colin (D. Leep)
    Sums of Squares of Polynomials in R[x1,...,xn]
May 1998
  • Aitbayev, Abdulrakhim (B. Bialecki and G. Fairweather)
    Orthogonal Spline Collocation for Nonlinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
  • Aubuchon, Christopher (E. Enochs)
    A Functor from the Category of Complexes of Left R-Modules to the Category of Left R-Modules
  • Galloy, Michael D. (T. Suffridge)
    Harmonic Univalent Mappings on the Unit Disk and the Punctured Unit Disk
  • Li, Bingkun (G. Fairweather and B. Bialecki)
    Discrete-time Orthogonal Spline Collocation Methods for Schrödinger-type Problems
  • Paroni, Roberto (C. Man)
    Homogenization of Polycrystalline Materials
  • Thompson, John T. (T. Suffridge)
    A Study of Harmonic Mappings on Punctured Domains: An Argument Principle and Some Coefficient Results
  • Williams, Joy D. (J. Lee)
    Spectral Bounds for Entropy Models
  • Wilson, Daniel  (J. Lee)
    Polyhedral Methods for Piecewise-linear Functions
December 1997
  • Wu, Zhiqiang (P. Perry)
    Trace-Class Estimates for Elliptic Operators and Weyl's Law on Exterior Domains with Fractal Boundaries
August 1997
  • Ashby, William Todd (E. Enochs)
    The Characterization of Graded Principal Ideal Domains and Graded Torsion Free Covering Modules
  • Hu, Wei, (R. Brown)
    The Initial-boundary Value Problem for Higher Order Differential Operators on Lipschitz Cylinders
  • Prather, John (T. Suffridge)
    Geometric Properties of the Hadamard Product
  • Qian, Qingshan (T. Hayden and Z. Bai)
    Three Numerical Methods for Solving Generalized Algebraic Riccati Equations
  • Scobee, Matt (J. Lee)
    Orientations of Ternary Matroids
May 1997
  • Dorff, Michael (T. Suffridge)
    The Inner Mapping Radius and Construction of Harmonic, Univalent Mappings of the Unit Disk
  • Hebble, Robert (C. Lee)
    Hamiltonicity of Squeezed Spheres
  • Xu, Jinzhong (E. Enochs)
    Flat Covers of Modules
December 1996
  • Tung, Stewart (C. Lee)
    Monge Optimality, and Feasibility Sequences in Capacitated Transportation Problems
August 1996
  • Schueller, Albert (P. Perry)
    Eigenvalue Asymptotics for Self-adjoint, Fourth-order, Ordinary Differential Operators
  • Schueller, Laura (D. Leep)
    Pairs of Quadratic Forms over Arbitrary Fields
  • Tolle, John (R. Gariepy)
    Location of Inhomogeneities in Elastic Media
  • Vandenhouten, Ron (D. Adams)
    Stability for the Biharmonic and Polyharmonic Obstacle Problems
  • Yi, Okyeon (E. Enochs)
    Local Nilpotence of Envelopes and Universal Enveloping Algebras
May 1996
  • Lou, Zhuoming (G. Fairweather and B. Bialecki)
    Orthogonal Spline Collocation for Biharmonic Problems
  • Robertson, Robert (P. Hislop)
    An Inverse Boundary Value Problem in Linear Elasticity
December 1995
  • Bronstein, Albert (E. Enochs)
    On Representations of Quivers
  • Wells, Clark (T. Hayden)
    An Improved Method for Sampling of Molecular Conformation Space
August 1995
  • Roper, Kevin (T. Suffridge)
    Convexity Properties of Holomorphic Mappings in Cn
December 1994
  • Dillery, D. Scott (B. Bialecki)
    High-order Orthogonal Spline Collocation Schemes for Elliptic and Parabolic Problems
August 1994
  • Brooks, Clayton (E. Enochs)
    Homotopy Theory of Modules
  • Cyrus, Vivian (E. Enochs)
    The Category of Monoids
May 1994
  • Zhang, Yue (T. Hayden)
    Generalized Divide and Conquer Methods for Symmetric Matrix Eigenvalue Problems
August 1993
  • Newcomb, John (J. Wells)
    The U(n+1) Classical Bailey Transform and 109 Transformation
  • Smith, Scott (B. Fugate)
    The Weakly Confluent Images of Graphs
May 1993
  • Haywood, Joel (C. Eberhart)
    A Characterization of Universal Images of Trees
December 1992
  • Hu, Dan (L. Reichel)
    Parallel Krylov Subspace Methods for Solving Sylvester Equations
  • Jagels, Carl (L. Reichel)
    Applications of Szego Polynomials in Numerical Analysis
May 1992
  • Park, Sangwon (E. Enochs)
    The Macaulay-Northcott Functor
  • Pupplo-Cody, Evelyn (T. Suffridge)
    A Structural Formula for a Class of Typically Real Functions and Some Consequences
December 1991
  • Hatfield, Barbara (R. Gariepy)
    Gradient Estimates for The Capillary Problems
August 1991
  • Akatsa, Victor (E. Enochs)
    Flat Envelopes and Negative Torsion Functors
  • Bennett, Karin Remington (G. Fairweather)
    Parallel Collocation Methods for Boundary Value Problems
  • Bigdeli, Fariba (C. Lee)
    Regular Triangulations of Convex Polytopes and d-Cubes
  • Fernandes, Ryan (G. Fairweather)
    Alternating Direction Implicit Finite Element Methods
    for Solving Time Dependent Problems
  • Robinson, Mark (G. Fairweather)
    Numerical Solution of Schrödinger Equations using Finite Element Methods
  • Stenerson, Jon (A. Sathaye)
    Space Curves as Set-Theoretic Complete Intersections
May 1991
  • Branner, Frank (E. Enochs)
    On the Projective Functor
  • Buskirk, Robert (C. Eberhart)
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