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Department of Mathematics Awards & Recognition Day

This spring, the Department of Mathematics recognized achievements by its undergraduate and graduate students and its faculty. The weather cooperated, and attendees were able to celebrate in person. Afterwards, a barbeque picnic was held to honor all awardees and celebrate the end of the semester.

Jim Eaves with Director of Graduate Studies Ben Braun and Eaves Summer Fellowship Recipients Michael Morrow and Faith Hensley (not pictured: Dan Plaugher).
Jim & Mary Eaves with Eaves Scholarship recipients Austin Fessler, Noah Owen, and Christian Seavers with Director of Undergraduate Studies Alberto Curso and Department Chair Uwe Nagel.
Carl Lee and Director of Graduate Studies Ben Braun with Carl Lee Excellence in Teaching Award recipients Matias von Bell, Noah Speeter, and Katie Bruegge.

Congratulations to all recipients of awards, fellowships, and scholarships!