Day-by-Day Lecture Notes

Monday, June 20


  1. Lecture I: Global Harmonic Analysis
  2. Lecture II: Phenomenology of Eigenfunctions
  3. The Trace Formula and the Husimi Functions of Eigenfunctions
    (Alejandro Uribe)


  1. Wave Front Set, Homogeneous Distributions
    (Tanya Christiansen, Notes by Peter Perry)
  2. A Crash Course in Pseudodifferential Operators
    (Jared Wunsch)

Tuesday June 21


  1. Lecture III: Lower bounds on hypersurface area of nodal sets
    (Joint with C. Sogge)
  2. Lecture IV: Eigenfunctions and Nodal Sets (Real and Complex)
    (Based on joint work with B. Shiffman, C. Sogge, and J. Toth)
  3. Resonances, Trace Formulas, and Lower Bounds for the Counting Function of Resonances
    by Tanya Christiansen 


  1. Tutorial III: (Hamid Hezari) The Method of Stationary Phase
  2. Tutorial IV (Alejandro Uribe) An Outline of a Crash Course on Fourier Integral Operators

Wednesday, June 22

  1. Lecture V:   Hadamard-Riesz Parametrices for Wave Kernels
  2. Lecture VI: Quantum Ergodicity
  3. The Parade of Breeds

Thursday, June 23

  1. Lecture VII: Quantum Ergodic Restriction Theorems (with J. Toth)
  2. Lecture VIII: Quantum Integrable Systems
  3. Spreading of Quasimodes in Integrable Systems by Jared Wunsch
  4. Integrable Systems, KAM, and Spectral Theory (Peter Topalov)- unedited! Let the reader beware
  5. Group Photo

Friday, June 24

  1. Lecture IX: Lp Norms of Eigenfunctions (with C. Sogge and J. Toth)
  2. Lecture X: Random Waves
  3. On the Dispersive Properties of Eigenfunctions by Chris Sogge


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