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To apply to the graduate program in mathematics you will need to apply to the Graduate School at the University of Kentucky.  Once your application has been submitted online, the Mathematics Department will be notified that you have applied.  Your application for the graduate programs in mathematics will automatically be considered for teaching assistantships and, if completed by January 15, for fellowships as well. Please do the following:

Apply to the UK Graduate School

To apply to the Graduate School, please follow the instructions and fill out an online application. Note that the graduate school does not accept paper-based application. You will be asked to submit the following items; see the graduate school information page for more details.

  1. We do NOT require GRE scores for students submitting an application. Also, GRE scores are NOT required for consideration for a teaching assistantship. However, please be aware that some university-wide supplemental fellowships require GRE scores for consideration.
    • You have the option to self-report GRE scores on the application (you can also supply a future date for taking the test). In order for your scores to be used for additional fellowship considerations, we will also require official scores from the reporting agency.  If you submit them, GRE scores should be sent directly to the UK Graduate School from the Educational Testing Service (ETS); the Institution Code for the GRE for UK Graduate School is 1837.
  2. You will be asked to upload copies of transcripts from all higher education institutions attended and, in the case of domestic students, to self-report cumulative GPA’s for each institution.  If you are offered admission and decide to enroll you will then be required to submit official transcripts to the Graduate School.
  3. There is an application fee that must be paid online. Specific information about this is available on the graduate school application process page:
  4. All applicants whose native language is not English will be asked to self-report one of these scores on the application. We also require official language scores be sent to us directly from the reporting agency, details (including our institution code) can be found here:
  5. Three letters of recommendation. At least two of these letters should be from faculty in upper-division mathematics courses or others who are familiar with your work in mathematics. You will be asked to list on your application the contact information for each of your references. Please provide your references with these guidelines for recommenders.
  6. A curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.  You will be asked to upload your CV to the application.
  7. A statement of purpose is optional but strongly recommended. Your statement of purpose should be one or two pages and should respond to the following questions:
    • Describe your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree in Mathematics. What are your career goals and how will a graduate education at the University of Kentucky help you achieve these goals?
    • Describe how your experiences up to this point have prepared you to engage in graduate research. This can include prior research experiences, but also any other relevant experiences that have helped you develop as a mathematician and as a person (e.g., internships, volunteer work, a particular course, etc.). Given these strengths, what areas or skills are you interested in developing during your graduate training?
    • Describe your research interests. What areas of Mathematics most interest you? Why? What areas do you think you might be interested in pursuing research in as a graduate student?
    • Optional: Describe any special circumstances that are relevant to how you handle academic, professional, or personal challenges.


Below are the application deadlines. Students begin in the fall. Please write for additional information about spring admission.

  • International applications for admission and support  (15 January)
  • Domestic Applications for Fellowships  (15 January)
  • Review of application for teaching assistantships begins  (15 January)
    • Note that priority consideration for admission with a teaching assistantship is given to applicants who apply before January 15.
  • Domestic Application for Teaching Assistantships (Final deadline)  (15 May)
    • If you intend to apply for our program after January 15, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies to discuss your application status.
    • For students who have independent funding for tuition and living expenses, for example an independent fellowship or government support, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies directly to inform them of your situation.
  • Admission for fall semester  (20 July (approximate))