Calculus I (Life Sci)

Calculus I (Life Sci)

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A first course in one-variable calculus. Derivatives and integrals of elementary functions (including trigonometric functions) with applications to the life sciences. Lecture, three hours; recitation, 2 hours per week. Students may not receive credit for MA 113 and MA 137, Note: Math placement test recommended. Prereq: Math ACT of 27 or above, or math SAT of 620 or above, or MA 109 and MA 112, or MA 110, or consent of the department. Students who enroll in MA 137 based on their test scores should have completed a year of pre-calculus study in high school that includes the study of the trigonometric function.


Spring 2022
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
MA 137-001 4.0 Rm.139, Rm.339 Dave Jensen
MA 137-002 4.0 Rm.139, Rm.339 Dave Jensen
MA 137-003 4.0 Rm.139, Rm.339 Dave Jensen
MA 137-004 4.0 Rm.139, Rm.339 Dave Jensen
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