Intro To Contemp Math

Intro To Contemp Math

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An introduction to concepts and applications of mathematics, with examples drawn from such areas as voting methods, apportionment, consumer finance, graph theory, tilings, polyhedra, number theory, and game theory. This course is not available for credit to persons who have received credit in any mathematics course of a higher number with the exceptions of MA 112, 123, 162, 201 and 202. This course does not serve as a prerequisite for any calculus course. Credit not available on the basis of special examination.


Spring 2022
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
MA 111-001 3.0 Rm.212 Bradley Elliott
MA 111-002 3.0 Rm.212 Bradley Elliott
MA 111-003 3.0 Rm.334 Hunter Lehmann
MA 111-004 3.0 Rm.337
MA 111-005 3.0 Rm.337
MA 111-006 3.0 Rm.212
MA 111-007 3.0 Rm.212
MA 111-008 3.0 TBD
MA 111-009 3.0 TBD
MA 111-010 4.0 Rm.212, Rm.213 Amber Scruggs, Amber Scruggs
MA 111-011 4.0 Rm.212, Rm.213 Amber Scruggs, Amber Scruggs
MA 111-012 4.0 TBD, Rm.341
MA 111-013 4.0 TBD, Rm.341
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