College Algebra

College Algebra

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Selected topics in algebra. Develops manipulative algebraic skills and mathematical reasoning required for further study in mathematics and use in mathematical modeling. Includes brief review of basic algebra, quadratic formula, systems of linear equations, introduction to functions and graphing. This course is not available for credit to persons who have received credit in any mathematics course of a higher number with the exceptions of MA 111, 112, 123, 162, 201 and 202. Credit not available on the basis of special examination. Prereq: Two years of high school algebra and a Math ACT score of 21 or above or a Math SAT score of 510 or above; or UK 096; or appropriate MathIndex; or grade of B or better in MA 111. Math placement test recommended.


Fall 2017
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
MA 109-001 3.0 Rm.212 Christoph Marx
MA 109-002 3.0 Rm.110 Nathan Mulvey Fieldsteel
MA 109-003 3.0 Rm.214 Katherine L Paullin
MA 109-004 3.0 Rm.114 Katherine L Paullin
MA 109-005 3.0 Rm.114 Jason Paul Terry
MA 109-006 3.0 Rm.114 Jason Paul Terry
MA 109-007 3.0 Rm.110 Nicholas D. Nguyen
MA 109-008 3.0 Rm.222 Charlene W Norman
MA 109-009 3.0 Rm.214 Kathy Effinger
MA 109-010 3.0 Rm.214 Jack B Schmidt
MA 109-011 3.0 Rm.220 Charlene W Norman
MA 109-012 3.0 Rm.212 Sara Marlene Ellis-Hebble
MA 109-013 3.0 Rm.214 Sara Marlene Ellis-Hebble
MA 109-014 3.0 Rm.238 Kathy Effinger
MA 109-015 3.0 Rm.103 Marie Elizabeth Meyer
MA 109-016 3.0 Rm.242 Marie Elizabeth Meyer
MA 109-017 3.0 Rm.244 Brian Christopher Davis
MA 109-018 3.0 Rm.242 Brian Christopher Davis
MA 109-019 3.0 Rm.203 Stephen Michael Deterding
MA 109-020 3.0 Rm.305 Stephen Michael Deterding
Spring 2018
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
MA 109-001 3.0 Rm.114 Amanda Joye Green
MA 109-002 3.0 Rm.114 Sara Marlene Ellis-Hebble
MA 109-003 3.0 Rm.212 Amanda Joye Green
MA 109-004 3.0 Rm.114 Sara Marlene Ellis-Hebble
MA 109-005 3.0 Rm.114 Jack B Schmidt
MA 109-006 3.0 Rm.114 Jack B Schmidt
MA 109-007 3.0 Rm.307 TBD
MA 109-008 3.0 Rm.397 TBD
MA 109-009 3.0 Rm.B4 TBD
MA 109-010 3.0 Rm.397 TBD
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