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Bangs, fizzles, and whistles - the physics of AGN feedback in galaxy clusters

Online by Zoom
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Christopher Reynolds (University of Cambridge)

The need for AGN feedback in the cores of galaxy clusters has been long established- without the energy injection by jetted AGN in the central galaxy, we believe that the intracluster medium (ICM) would undergo a cooling catastrophe, leading to prodigious star formation and galaxy building in contravention with observations.  However, the actual physical mechanisms that govern the AGN feedback cycle remain elusive.  In this talk, I will discuss the possible physical process by which the central AGN can heat the ICM.  I will present a series of studies that, step-by-step, move us away from a simple hydrodynamic picture and force us to treat the ICM as a weakly collisional plasma with important properties governed by non-trivial kinetic physics.


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